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Cuckold Submission

The term Cuckold most probably has came from the Old French for the cuckoo, cucu. In 1250, the word cokewold was first documented. The term cuckquean was documented in 1562 in English literature. Eventually the term Cuckold became the dominant term.

Cuckold Legend
There have been many legends surrounding cuckolds. It was said that there was once a time in history where a cuckold husband was forced to wear horns on his head and march around the village while other laughed at him.

Types of Cuckolding
There are different forms of cuckolding and nearly everyone you speak to has their own twist. But the two basic differences in cuckolding is that in one form it refers to a marriage or relationship where the wife or girlfriend cheats on their husband or boyfriend without their knowledge. The other type of cuckolding is cuckold fetish or cuckold submission where the cuck is fully aware of his partners activities and usually fully supportive of such activities. This type of fetish is very common in a relationship involving domination and submission.

Cuckold Fetish Lifestyle
In such a relationship or marriage where the cuckold submissive is fully aware and supportive of the Females activity, the cuckold may sometimes also be celibate. Some cuckolds feel that being celibate gives greater feelings of happiness to the cuckold and that they are being more dedicated in their role as the cuckold. It may be said that many cuckolds gain sexual arousal from serving as a cuckold. The act of also being celibate can give sexual pleasure to the cuckold.

In such a relationship the wife is often called a cuckoldress or a Mistress. What level of participation the cuckold undertakes in his wife or girlfriend or Mistress`s sexual activities will vary.

Cuckold Humiliation
Humiliating the cuckold is in important part of the cuckold lifestyle and both the Dominant and the cuckold derive pleasure from this in various ways. Often the dominant wife or girlfriend will make the cuckold take an active part when she is with her lovers. Sometimes the cuckold is just forced to watch or maybe stand in the corner. But at other times the cuckold will become more involved. The favorite part of being the cuckold is usually have to prepare the lovers for his wife or doing cleanup afterwards. Verbal abuse or even just laughing at the cuckold is all part of the humiliation. Often the cuckold is required to buy gifts for the wifes lovers or to say thankyou to the lovers for making love to the cuckolds wife. Its all part of the humiliation and cuckold lifestyle.

In the wider society at large, a proper relationship consists of one man and one woman with the man being in charge of the family and the decisions, or at best the woman having an equal say in the relationship. Any other arrangement is thought to be strange. But for many people, they just don’t fit into that male­dominant, monogamous mold. They want more, and they need more to truly be happy and satisfied in their lives. That desire, that drive for more out of a relationship is the reason that so many people turn to the Cuckold community, as there are many different types of relationships in the community aside from simple one man plus one woman monogamy. These new arrangements give people the freedom to live life as they see fit, allowing them to engage in the size and type of relationship they truly desire. Women especially benefit from the freedom a Cuckold relationship can offer them, as many of these new types of relationships put them squarely in charge of their own destinies. One such relationship, a Wife Led Cuckold relationship, gives the woman absolute freedom and comfort, and can lead to true fulfillment in a way that a male­dominated monogamous pairing simply cannot.

A Wife Led Cuckold Marriage consists of a Dominant wife, a submissive husband, and any other men that the woman would like to have as lovers. These other lovers don’t typically live in the home with the husband and wife, but the husband is fully aware of the other men and actually fully supports his wife’s sexual encounters with these other men. This type of arrangement can be baffling to people who have only ever known or conceived of traditional, standard, male­dominated marriages, but this type of relationship offers many benefits and freedoms to the couple that make it all worthwhile. Many couples living this Wife Cuckold Polyamorous lifestyle actually have stronger, closer bonds than couples in traditional marriages, and they get the chance to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

For women, a Wife Led Cuckold Marriage allows them to use their natural feminine superiority and talents to lead their families. Most women have a natural dominance, and when nurtured and explored in a Wife Led Cuckold Marriage, leads to intense satisfaction. In a Wife Led Cuckold Marriage the woman is completely in charge of decisions for both herself and her partner, and she makes the rules of the house. Where she leads, her husband will follow, and this is extremely empowering. It allows these women to be in charge of their own destinies and to use their innate feminine gifts to fully develop and shine. The woman in a Wife Led Cuckold Marriage is also the Dominant with her husband, requiring him to serve her every need and wish both in the bedroom and out, fulfilling her urges to be in control and take charge.

For men, they find having their wives as the leaders of the household to be extremely satisfying. Not only does it free them of responsibility and obligation, it allows them to give in to their natural tendencies to submit. Many men truly crave the comfort of submission, but due to pressures from society, don’t ever find themselves in a position where they can let others, particularly women lead. The Wife Led Cuckold Marriage allows these men to engage in submission and the many psychological and physical pleasures that it brings. Men also generally revere and wish to please women, some more intensely so than others. For these pleasers, Wife Led Cuckold Marriages allow them to satisfy their desires to make a woman completely and utterly happy. These men appreciate the training and obedience required by a Dominant wife because in the end they know that they are able to give her exactly what she wants and needs.

As for the Polyamorous aspect of this type of relationship, an aspect that many traditionalists find hard to accept and understand, it is actually a powerful bonding tool for the wife and husband. The wife is able to have her sexual needs met by taking on other lovers. Perhaps she needs more variety than one man can provide for her, or perhaps she simply craves the attention of more than one male. Many women in traditional marriages find themselves wishing for more attention in the bedroom, but due to the strict nature of monogamous marriages, never get it. This leads to dissatisfaction in the relationship that can drive a wedge through the entire marriage, even possibly leading to divorce. It’s just a fact of life. But for these Wife Led Cuckold relationships, she can get the sexual attention she needs that her husband alone cannot provide, while still remaining emotionally attached and bonded to her husband. The husbands here also recognize this need for more than they can provide, and in the interest of fully satisfying her, they support and encourage her going outside of the home for the attention she seeks. The man understands that this will lead to her enduring happiness. He also recognizes that this strengthens their own personal relationship as she can focus on him as her husband without the nagging, lingering desires for more sexual attention that ruin so many traditional marriages. He, however, remains faithful only to his wife as part of his submissive role, and does so to please her even further.

A Wife Led Cuckold Marriage is a beautiful relationship that allows both the man and the woman to fully explore their own personal Dominant and submissive natures. It also allows the woman to fully entertain her sexual desires in a way that brings her and her husband closer together. This type of arrangement is typically stronger than a traditional marriage as both parties are getting exactly what they desire and are able to fully satisfy their deepest and most primal natures. It may seem strange if you’ve only ever considered traditional male­led monogamy, but these new, exciting Cuckold relationships are actually more intuitive and more natural. They lead to more satisfaction, more pleasure, and more close­knit relationships, and relationships like a Wife Led Cuckold Marriage are the future of our relationships if we choose to fulfill our needs, desires, and deepest natural instincts.

Cuckold Coach
Many women want to train their husbands to be a cuckold but sometimes they just do not know how or may be too busy. This is when these women make use of a cuckold coach. A cuckold coach is a woman who has a lot of experience in cuckolding. These women then become a cuckold coach. They train the husbands of other women in how to serve as a cuckold. If you are thinking of making our husband into a cuckold it may be a good idea to hire the services of a cuckold coach. Or if you are a man wanting to learn to be a cuckold then it may be a good idea to learn from a cuckold coach.

Alpha Cuckold
When a Femdom owns several cuckolds she may need to name one of them as the Alpha Cuckold. It will be the responsibility of the alpha cuckold to help in the training and organization of the other cuckolds. In effect, the alpha cuckold will be on a higher level then the other cuckolds. The cuckolds below him may be required to follow his instructions. Having one of the cuckolds as an alpha cuckold can be of a big help to the Femdom. She can often relay instructions to the alpha cuckold who can then pass these on to the other cuckolds in the group. The Femdom needs to be careful that the alpha cuckold does not become dominant in this role.

Closet Cuckold
There are many men who want to serve as a cuckold but never tell anyone or experience serving as a cuckold. These men are called a Closet Cuckold. They spend all their time thinking and wanting to be a cuckold. They often watch cuckold movies in secret. They will read about other cuckolds on the internet. But they live their life in the closet never telling anyone they are a cuckold. Because of certain circumstances it can be very difficult for these men to live their life as a cuckold. Often they are married to women who would never understand such a thing as a cuckold. So they are forced into being a closet cuckold. If you are one of those closet cuckolds you should try and become a real life cuckold. Just take one step at a time to finding your dream.

Cuckold Stocking Worship
Cuckold Stocking Worship is very popular for many couples involved in a cuckold relationship. In cuckold stocking worship, the cuckold is trained to worship the stockings of his wife or girlfriend. She teaches him how to hand wash her stockings, to dry them, to place the stockings on her legs. It is a great feeling for the cuckold. If you are training your cuckold to do stocking worship it is a good idea to have a large variety of stockings. Blacks, reads, yellows and other colors. Stockings of different styles and shapes are great. Make sure the cuckold takes great care of your stockings and teach him the importance of stocking worship.

Cuckold Condom Cleaning
It is very common in a cuckold marriage for the cuckold to be trained to do condom cleaning of the lovers of the wife. Sometimes the wife will return after spending the night with her lovers and she will give the cuckold husband a reward by allowing him to clean the condoms of her lovers. The cuckold husband will give the condom a good cleaning often will his wife will watch and laugh. Many cuckold husbands love to do the cleaning of the condoms of the lovers of their wife. At other times the cuckold will be present when the wife is with her lovers. Sometimes the cuckold will place the condom on the overs and remove it after for cleaning.

Cuckold Furniture
Sometimes in a cuckold relationship women love to use their cuckold as furniture. These women may use the cuckold as a foot stool or as a table or as a chair. By being used as furniture the cuckold is being put to good use in the relationship. Furniture training can be an important part of the cuckold training. If you have not tried using your cuckold as furniture before now is a good time to start. Be creative in using your cuckold as furniture.

Cuckold Spittoon
In a cuckold relationship you will find some women love to use their cuckold as a Spittoon. A strict wife just loves to see their cuckold husband with their mouth wide open reading to be spat in. Sometimes dominant women will use their husbands for a cuckold spittoon in a party. If you would like to serve as a spittoon you should talk to your wife and tell her. She may enjoy using you next time as a spittoon. Look around for some local cuckold groups and let them know that you are ready to serve as a spittoon.

Cuckold Pageant
A good idea for a cuckold community is to have a Cuckold Pageant. The cuckold pageant is similar to a beauty pageant, but in its place are cuckolds who are competing for the prize of Cuckold of the Year. The judges can be the wives and Femdomes. The studs can be invited along to watch. It could be a yearly event and the winning cuckold could recieve a prize. It is a good idea to set up a website for the event so others around the world can follow the pageant. The pageant can involve a number of contests, such as which cuckold does the best cleanup.

Cuckold Valentines Day
Febuary 14 is valentines day and people all around the world will celebrate it. For cuckolds, the Cuckold Valentines Day is also an important day. Cuckolds and their hotwives will celebrate this day with a lot of happiness. Each cuckold marriage will celebrate cuckolds valentines day in a different way. Sometimes it will just involve a dinner between cuckold husband and his wife. The cuckold might be lucky enough to celebrate the night by being allowed to make love to his wife. In other cuckold marriages, the hotwife may take a lover on valentines night and leave her cuckold husband at home. Her present will be to tell him all about her hot date on valentines. Everyone will enjoy cuckold valentines day in a different way, so much sure to plan your day, best of happiness.

Cuckold Wedding
The Cuckold Wedding is a very special day for both the cuckold and the Cuckoldress. There is much planning to be done. Although the cuckold wedding has all the basic features of a regular wedding, it has has many other features that are unique to the cuckold relationship. Often in a cuckold wedding, the Cuckoldress will invite along some of her lovers. One of her lovers may even be the best man. Often the Cuckoldress will spend the night before the wedding with one or more of her lovers. And often she will spend the wedding night making love to her lovers as her new cuckold husband performs his new duties. The cuckold husband may also be expected to give wedding gifts to his wife`s lovers.

Cuckold Women
When one usually thinks of cuckold relationships we usually think in terms of the man being the cuckold. This is because historically the man has been the cuckold. Also in the majority of cuckold relationships the woman has been the cuckold. But these days we are also starting to see the rise of Cuckold Women. In a relationship with a cuckold woman, it is the male partner who is dominant and takes on other female lovers. The female cuckold is aware of the other lovers and fully supports her partner in his other lovers. At the same time the female cuckold has no other lovers. Cuckold women may also be required to do regular cuckold jobs such as cleanup and preparation of the lovers. Although most cuckolds are still men, we are starting to see more and more cuckold women.

Lesbian Cuckold Relationship
A Lesbian Cuckold Relationship is not common, but these days some lesbian couples are enjoying the benefits of a cuckold relationship. A lesbian cuckold relationship is the same as any cuckold relationship, with one partner being the dominant and enjoying many lovers while the submissive lesbian partner is aware of this. Within the lesbian community the cuckold relationship is well accepted. If you are in a lesbian relationship and you do want to go the path of a cuckold relationship make sure to talk about it first. Be open and honest in your feelings on cuckolding.

Ladyboy Cuckold
A Ladyboy will really enjoy to cuckold their boyfriend. And you can be sure that a Ladyboy is an expert when it comes to cuckolding a boyfriend. And most men that are involved with a Ladyboy want to be cuckolded. Most Asian Ladyboys will have a foreigner for a boyfriend who is often a lot older. The ladyboy will find it easy to cuckold these types of men as usually they want to be a cuckold for a ladyboy. Both Thais and Filipina ladyboys are good at cuckolding their boyfriends. If your wanting to be a cuckold for an Asian ladyboy then just tell them, you may be surprised how happy it will make them.

Gay Cuckold Relationship
A Gay Cuckold Relationship is sometimes common among the BDSM community. There are many benefits to be gained for both the dominant gay partner and the cuckold submissive. Also, within the gay community there is a good acceptance of those that go into a gay cuckold relationship. Also, sometimes a Mistress will train a slave into entering a gay cuckold relationship. Sometimes it is much easier for a submissive to find a gay cuckold relationship. If you are a cuckold seeking a Cuckoldress, you may even want to consider a gay cuckold relationship as it will provide you with many benefits. As in all relationships, be honest and open with your partner so that you and your partner will benefit the most from this type of relationship.

Cuckold Makeout
Watching your Cuckold Makeout with other cuckolds can be a lot of fun for the Dominant. Or watching your sissy cuckold makeout with other men or even having your cuckold make out with a blow up doll is all part of the good times. If you are going to get your cuckold to makeout with a blowup doll, maybe the best is to get a well hung male blowup doll. Another is to take your cuckold to a gay bar and choose a partner there for your cuckold to pick up for the night.

Bisexual Cuckold
Sometimes a Cuckoldress will require the services of a Bisexual Cuckold. The Cuckoldress might enjoy watching the bisexual cuckold serve her lovers as well as other men in a sexual way. The Cuckold himself may not be bisexual, but the Cuckoldress has trained him to be bisexual. The bisexual cuckold may be forced to serve other men in front of the Cuckoldress or sometimes when she is not around. For example, she may phone the bisexual cuckold and tell him to go around to visit and serve one of her lovers.

Cuckold Parties
A great way for those involved in the cuckold community and those that would like to get involved is to hold regular Cuckold Parties. Cuckolds and their wives, girlfriends, Dominants and bulls can all be a part of the cuckold parties. Newbies who are interested in getting involved may also be invited. Holding cuckold parties is a great way for those involved in the cuckold community to build friendships. Cuckold parties are also a great way for people to be open about their relationship. Other married couples who are interested in starting a cuckold relationship should be invited so they can learn. The cuckolds can do all the work, serving food and drinks and maybe even giving a cuckold show or a bisexual performance. New idea can often be picked up by couples attending cuckold parties. If you know a few others in your area involved in a cuckold relationship, then it might be a good idea for you to start organizing regular cuckold parties.

Tranny Cuckold
The ultimate dream of many men is one day to serve as a cuckold for a Tranny. If you happen to be one of the lucky few who get to serve as a cuckold for a Tranny then you may indeed consider yourself a very happy man. There are many men seeking to become a cuckold for a Tranny, but only the best cuckolds get to serve a Tranny. Tranny`s are very strict and demanding, so a cuckold needs to perform at his peak all the time. And you will need tell everyone including all your friends and mates at work that your serving as a cuckold for a Tranny. The Tranny may also get you to serve as a cuckold for some of her Tranny friends. So dont mess up a great opportunity in life if you are lucky enough to be a cuckold for a Tranny.

Cuckold Waiter
In an cuckold relationship there will be times that the Cuckold will need serve as a waiter. This may involve the cuckold serving naked or at other times the cuckold may be dressed in a waiters uniform. Often when the wifes lovers visit the house the cuckold will sometimes serve as a waiter. He might prepare and cook their meal, afterward serving them the meal and maybe wine. At other times if the wife has a get together of her female friends she can use her cuckold husband as a waiter. Sometimes the cuckold may be required to serve as a waiter at the home of one of her lovers who may be having a dinner with friends. Another good idea is for the wife to invite the make friends of her cuckold husband to dinner and then get him to serve as a waiter so all his friends can see.

Virgin Cuckold
Many dominant women prefer a Virgin Cuckold in preference to a experienced Cuckold. With an experienced cuckold they sometimes bring bad habits from previous cuckold relationships and are often hard to change their ways. As such, this is why many women prefer the virgin cuckold. They do not carry any of that old baggage. With a virgin cuckold the woman can train the man to serve as a cuckold in the exact way she wants. Many women enjoy introducing a man to the new and exciting world of being a cuckold. Women love to watch a virgin cuckold do cleanup for the very first time. So if you are a virgin to cuckoldry, do not keep it secret, let everyone know. Because there are many women out there seeking for a virgin cuckold.

Public or Private Cuckolding
One of the questions confronting a couple involved in a cuckold relationship will be if their Cuckolding is public knowledge or kept more private. Many people involved in a cuckold relationship will choose to keep the cuckolding mostly private or among a few friends. There are some obvious reasons for this. Most of the reasons revolve around others who would not understand such a relationship. It may also cause problems at work or around family. Some couples do tend to be much more open about their cuckold relationship. Both the Femdom and the cuck can gain great pleasure from this. Although it may be difficult at first, others soon accept it. It is really just a matter of what gives you the greatest pleasure and happiness. If you do choose to be very public about your cuckolding it will open up a whole new world and level of what being a cuckold means.

Two Cuckolds
Sometimes having just one cuckold is not enough for a wife. Sometimes she will decide to have Two Cuckolds. One cuckold will be the husband and the other cuckold may be a boyfriend. Both cuckolds may be equal, but maybe the wife will want the Husband to be the alpha cuckold or the other way around and have the boyfriend as the alpha cuckold. There are many benefits for a wife to take on two cuckolds. There will be times when the husband cuckold may not be available because of work. So having a second cuckold on standby to perform the cuckold duties is very important. This is where the second cuckold comes to use. Sometimes the wife and her lovers may enjoy having two cuckolds serving them. There are just so many advantages to having two cuckolds its a good idea for any wife to consider adding an extra cuckold to the marriage.

Wife Has Secret Cuckold Relationship
I have been married for 10 years and have just found out that my wife has a secret cuckold relationship. This is a very common situation for many men. When these men discover that their wife has a secret cuckold relationship they often do not know what to do. It is a good idea to start by asking why your wife has a secret cuckold relationship. The answer to this is really very simple, she feels bored with you as a sexual partner and needs other men for lovers. Often she will need many lovers. The reason she stays with you is she still loves you and wants to be married with you in life. But she no longer wants sex with you. She takes on a secret cuckold boyfriend because one day she is hoping you will become the cuckold. If you love your wife tell her you understand and that as her husband you are now ready to take on the role of the cuckold.

Cuckold Harem
A Cuckold Harem is very much as the name implies. A group of several or more cuckolds that are owned and serving a Femdom. Some Femdoms may have as many as 20 to 30 cuckolds in their harem. Generally though most cuckold harems may be around 4 to 10. Getting into a cuckold harem is sometimes difficult for a cuckold. And often the cuckold will not get the attention needed. So if you are thinking of being part of a cuckold harem make sure this is what you are seeking. For the Femdom, it often involves a lot of time and effort to run a cuckold harem and you may need to make one or more of the cuckolds as alpha cuckolds.

Cuckold One Timer
Sometimes a person has a fantasy about becoming a cuckold. For a very long time, often years they feel they want to be a cuckold. Eventually they seek out a cuckold relationship, only to find that when they actually serve as a cuckold for the first time in real they do not like it. So they leave. This is what is called a Cuckold One Timer. There are many people out there who become a Cuckold One Timer. In the end there is a big difference between fantasy and reality. There is nothing wrong with being a Cuckold One Timer because if you never try you will never know. Being a cuckold is a great experience, even if it is only just one time.

Cuckold Initiation
The Cuckold Initiation Initiation refers to the first time the man actually does full service as a cuckold in both preparation and cleanup of the hotwife and her lovers. This is an important time for everyone, especially the cuckold. Often such an important moment as the Cuckold Initiation will be video recorded and photographed. The cuckold should also have gifts for those on the day that helped him in his Initiation. Keeping a diary of events on the Cuckold Initiation day is a good idea also. The cuckold should be presented with a Cuckold Initiation trophy. Other hot wives and their cuckolds may come around to watch. One thing for sure is that the Cuckold Initiation is a great event for everyone in the cuckold community.

Cuckold Honeymoon
A Cuckold Honeymoon will take a lot of talking and planning to make sure it is the perfect honeymoon. It is a honeymoon for both, so they both will need to gain pleasure and happiness from such a honeymoon. The new hot wife will be eager to use the honeymoon for some time with her many lovers. The new cuckold husband will be keen to be serving as a cuckold during the honeymoon. The big question facing the newly married couple is if the hot wife should take along some of her lovers with her on the honeymoon or maybe she will just pick up some new lovers during the honeymoon. It may be that she will leave the cuckold husband at home and celebrate the honeymoon with one or more of her lovers. The new cuckold husband will certainly be keen to show off his cuckolding skills during the honeymoon.

Gloryhole Cuckold
If you are a very submissive and obedient cuckold, then you may be rewarded with the privilege of serving as a Gloryhole Cuckold. How happy you should be. This should make your day. Think of the excitement, think of the pleasure you will gain. And think of the great experience this will give you serving as a gloryhole cuckold. So, if you wife tells you that today she is taking you to the gloryhole to do your thing, then do it with pride. Keep in mind your wife will be watching you hard at work at the gloryhole and she will be expecting you to service everything that comes through that gloryhole. She may even bring along one of her hotlovers to watch and laugh at you.

Cuckold Ashtray
Many Cuckold men love to serve as an ashtray for their strict wife. Many women love to get their cuckold husband or boyfriend to serve as an ashtray. Women love to watch men down on the ground with their mouth wide open serving as an ashtray. What a wonderful feeling. Do you dream of having your wife use you as an ashtray. You should ask her about this as it's something she may love to do. Imagine having her flick the ash into your mouth. Imagine having her stick the stub in your mouth. Being a cuckold ashtray is a great way to serve your wife.

The term Cuck is often used in cuckold relationships and talk. Cuck is short for cuckold. A cuck refers to a man that is married to a woman that has other men for lovers. The husband is aware she has other lovers and accepts this. Sometime the couple may just be boyfriend and girlfriend. The cuck often is not allowed sex with the wife. The cuck also often does cleanup of the wife and her lovers after sex.

Cuckold Gifts
When choosing Cuckold Gifts when are plenty of good and exciting ideas. Be creative when it comes to giving your cuckold a gift. One such gift idea is a shirt that reads, Im a Cuckold, written across the front. You can even send your cuckold husband along to the shop to buy it. But make sure he always wears it when he is out with his friends. Another great cuckold gift could be a cap that he can wear which says, Cuckold. Or a ring with the words cuckold husband. Or a chain with tags that say, Cuckold Husband. Getting a cuckold tattoo is a good idea. In fact there are some many good ideas when it comes to cuckold gifts that you will have a lot of fun doing the shopping. And for sure your cuckold husband will feel so proud of the gift he will be sure to be serving you good.

Cuckold Cleanup
Cuckold Cleanup is an important part of a cuckold marriage or relationship. The cuckold must know how to do a very good cleanup of both the wife as well as the bulls. Strict punishment should be given to any cuckold that fails to do a good cleanup job. Getting your cuckold to do a good cleanup takes only a small amount of training. For many a cuckold it should come naturally. But some cuckolds show a little resistance or are just being lazy. There are simply no exceptions on this. The cuckold should know the importance of doing a cleanup and do it good every time. It is important that the wife always checks to make sure the cleanup standard of her cuckold is always the best.

Unwilling Cuckold
Sometimes in a marriage the hotwife is faced with the problem of an unwilling cuckold husband. This can make things difficult for some hotwives, but for others they actually prefer this. Some hotwives can great pleasure having an unwilling cuckold. Sometimes its also a big turn on for the studs if they know the hotwifes husband is an unwilling cuckold. Some unwilling cuckolds can be turned into willing cuckolds but it takes time and needs a hotwife that knows how to do this. If you are a hotwife wanting to turn an unwilling cuckold husband into a very willing cuckold then make sure to talk to others so you can gain some good advice. Keep in mind that an unwilling cuckold can still serve as a cuckold and do a great job of it.

Cuckold Fantasy
A Cuckold Fantasy is just that, a fantasy. But a cuckold fantasy can soon turn into the real thing, because that is how cuckolding usually starts. People often fantasize about being a cuckold or having a cuckold. Usually the fantasy goes no further with people often keeping it to themselves or eventually getting bored with the fantasy. Sometimes a couple will play cuckold fantasy. Its nothing more then a fantasy for the couple and they will never progress past that. But for other couples the cuckold fantasy is just the start. It wont be long before the couple move from fantasy to reality. If your married and cuckolding is your fantasy and you are thinking of moving from fantasy to reality take your time. Remember, there is a very big world of difference between cuckold fantasy and reality.

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    Cuckold Contract
    When a Femdom and a cuckold start out its a good idea to put a Cuckold Contract in writing. This is common practice in many cuckold relationships and makes a lot of sense. If you do decide to draw up a cuckold contract do not rush it. Take your time. Talk about it first. Write down a general outline of the contract first. Develop the cuckold contract over a few days or weeks before you decide on the final copy. The bulk of the cuckold contract will be about what the Femdom wants, but make sure to add a little for the cuckolds needs also. A long term happy cuckold relationship needs input from both partners. A good outline in the cuckold contract is to include all the rules and regulations that the cuckold must follow. Also write in detail the expectations of what the cuckold must do. Make sure the cuckold signs all areas of the contract. Be open to change the cuckold contract over the years as circumstances change. You may need to add changes or remove some stuff that is no longer needed. A cuckold contract should serve more as a guide line and be open to change as the cuckold relationship develops.

    Ending a Cuckold Relationship
    When in a Cuckold Relationship its important to know the signs when things are coming to an end. When the relationship is breaking, it is either the Femdom or the cuckold who wants out. Like all things in the cuckold relationship, communication here is important. If you are seeking out of the cuckold relationship, show the respect of telling Your partner first. Do not blab to everyone else first before you tell your partner. When you do arrive at the decision to end the cuckold relationship, then do not let it drag on. Tell your partner as soon as possible. Pick a day and time and stick to it. Talking together about the breakup is sometimes fine, but if the other person is unlikely to accept the breakup, then use the phone. Make sure what you say is final. Do not change your mind, you will only regret it. Always talk calm and polite. If you talk calm the other person usually does also. Always show respect to your partner. In the end, breaking a cuckold relationship is going to be difficult, but the sooner you do the difficult task the sooner you can move forward.

    Cuckold Celibacy
    Choosing the path of celibacy for a cuckold in a cuckold relationship is something that needs to be thought through first. It is something that will take a lot of commitment. There is much pleasure and satisfaction for both the Femdom and the cuckold for the cuck to refrain from any sexual pleasure in the relationship. Often there will be difficult times for the cuckold who takes this path, especially in the early stages of the relationship. Strict control and guidence is needed from the Femdom. Prostrate milking is also needed on a regular basis for the cuckold. A Femdom will often insist the cuckold be kept in some sort of chastity device. There are many different chastity around, make sure to choose one that locks in secure with no way out.

    Cuckold Confession
    For many a Cuckold they keep the cuckold part of a relationship secret from their friends, family and work. They feel others will not understand and feel they be made fun of. So they keep it secret, in some ways living in fear others will find out. The problem with this is the cuckold is living a lie. The wife herself may also have reasons for keeping it secret. So both continue with this secret. But is this really the best way for a cuckold relationship. What if one wants it to be more public then what it is. Usually it is the cuckold that wants it secret. But what the cuckold needs to understand that in order to fully understand and feel the real beauty of a cuckold relationship, the cuckold must come out through a confession. The term used is, Cuckold Confession. This is where the cuckold will make a public confession to others that he is a cuckold. A cuckold confession is not something that should be rushed, it is something that should be talked through with the wife or girlfriend first. Then the cuckold needs take one step at a time in making a confession. A good place to start is in cuckold personals websites where the cuckold can post his photo and tell others on the website he is a cuckold. The next is maybe for the wife to have the cuckold tell her friends. From there the cuckold can progress to making a confession to his best friend. The cuckold confession is a great feeling and one that can bring much more happiness to a cuckold marriage.

    Candaulism is a term that describes when a man, often the husband, shows off his naked wife to other men for their voyeuristic pleasure. Sometimes this is done in person or at other times the husband may show naked photos of his wife to other men. Sometimes it may be done over a cam on the internet. The term comes from the ancient King Candaules who showed off his naked wife to a servant. Sometimes Candaulism may develop into cuckolding. With the age of the internet Candaulism is becoming more popular.

    Cuckold Swapping
    If you are involved in a cuckold community you might like the idea of Cuckold Swapping. This can be a great experience for both the wife as well as the cuckold. In cuckold swapping various wives might arrange to swap around their cuckold husbands from time to time. This gives the wife the pleasures of being served by various cuckolds. For the cuckold he will learn some important lessons from cuckold swapping. He may learn some new skills. If you are in a cuckold marriage then it may be a good idea for the both of you to have a talk about the idea of cuckold swapping.

    The term Cuckoldress refers to the woman who is involved in a cuckold relationship with a cuckold. Sometimes the Cuckoldress also takes on the role of a strict dominant or disciplinarian. The relationship in many ways revolves around her wants. In a cuckold relationship the Cuckoldress will take on other lovers aside from her partner. Her partner is called a cuckold. She may or may not choose to have sexual contact with her partner. Just how many lovers the Cuckoldress has is up to her. Sometimes the Cuckoldress will just take on an xtra lover or two. But in other cases the Cuckoldress will take on many lovers, even dozens of lovers. More women these days are taking on the role of a Cuckoldress. Sometimes their partner will know, but in cases they will not.

    Cuckold Discipline
    In a cuckold relationship the use of discipline becomes an important part of the cuckold relationship. It helps to make sure the cuckold is obedient at all times as well as helping the cuckold to better understand his role. Discipline is often used as both punishment and for training purposes. Sometimes the Cuckoldress will discipline the cuckold for pleasure. In some cuckold relationships the Bulls can also provide discipline to the cuckold. Keeping your cuckold in chastity is another form of discipline. The main thing is that discipline is a tool to help improve the cuckold relationship. Both the cuckold and the cuckoldress will enjoy their relationship much more through the correct use of discipline on the cuckold.

    Cuckold and Wives Lovers
    The relationship between the Cuckold and the Wives Lovers is an important part of the cuckold relationship. Usually things goes smoothly, but sometimes there can be a problem. Often the problem tends to be more the Wives Lovers then the cuckold. Often Wives Lovers can overplay their role and get too big headed and too aggressive and insulting to the cuckold. There are limits to everything. It is important for the wife to be aware of this and take action to avoid any long term damage to the cuckold relationship. In reality, the Wives Lovers is only a prop to what is happening in the cuckold relationship. There are plenty of studs around, but it is hard to find a good cuckold.

    Cuckold Personals
    If you have a look around the internet you will find a number of websites for Cuckold Personals. Because cuckolding is such a unique relationship it is good for you to join a website that caters to Cuckold Personals. Many websites related to BDSM also cater to cuckolds seeking a partner. When joining a cuckold personals website always take some care. Some people there will just be game players, but this should not deter you as there are plenty of others who are very serious to find a partner for a cuckold relationship. You may choose to post your photo, this will show you are serious to find a cuckold relationship and you will find you will get more messages from other users as well. Take your time to get to know the other users on the cuckold personals first and build a trust first. Do not expect to find a cuckold relationship straight away as these things can take time. But if your honest in your desires and needs for a cuckold relationship you will soon find someone.

    Cuckold Community
    If your interested in getting involved in cuckolding or you are already involved in a cuckold relationship then you should look to start or get involved in a Cuckold Community. There is probably already a cuckold community in your city, but the difficult part is in getting in contact. The place to look would be on the internet in a cuckold related website. There are many benefits of getting involved in a cuckold cummunity. First you will make friends with other cuckolds, Wives, bulls and others. Here you can discuss the many aspects of cuckolding and help provide support for others in the cuckold community. If you can find a cuckold community in your area then you should think about starting one.

    Cuckold Blog
    When you first get involved in a cuckold relationship it is a good idea to start an online Cuckold Blog. There are several reasons why starting your own cuckold blog is a good idea. One reason is so that everyone in the world can log into your blog to see that you are a cuckold, so make sure to put your photo on your blog. Send the address of your blog to your friends also. Keeping a cuckold blog will enable to you keep track of your service as a cuckold. Here you can keep track of how many other men make love to your wife. You can post about your cuckold duties. The cuckold blog will also serve as a learning platform for other cuckolds.

    Cuckold Slave
    There is a very big difference between a Cuckold Slave and your average cuckold submissive. A cuckold slave must be totally obedient and serve as a slave at all times. But a submissive may not always be fully obedient and will be on a higher level then the cuckold slave. Often a cuckold slave will be involved in a Femdom relationship. Sometimes the cuckold will just be serving as a slave for a Mistress. If you are a cuckold submissive thinking of becoming a cuckold slave then make sure this is really what you want because there is such a big difference.

    Cuckold Chauffeur
    In a cuckold marriage the cuckold husband should know how to serve as a Chauffeur. He will often be required to chauffeur his hot wife around to her lovers or while she is out on her dates with her studs. Sometimes the cuckold husband may be used to Chauffeur around his wives lovers. It is a good idea to get a chauffeur uniform for your cuckold for when he is serving as a chauffeur. Another good idea is to get a badge for him to wear when he is a chauffeur that says, Cuckold chauffeur.

    Turning a Stud into a Cuckold
    Turning a Stud into a Cuckold is much easier then many will think. Often many studs have a secret fantasy to become a cuckold. A good Cuckoldress can soon see a stud that needs to be converted into a well trained cuckold. Initially the stud will put up the usual resistance, but it wont be long before that stud is serving as a well trained and obedient Cuckold. In fact, many studs often make the best cuckolds.

    Married Woman With Cuckold Boyfriend
    A Married Woman With Cuckold Boyfriend is in a marriage where the husband is not a cuckold and is not aware of his wives many lovers. So the wife takes on a cuckold boyfriend to fill the role of the cuckold. The boyfriend is fully aware of both the husband and the wives many lovers. The role of the cuckold boyfriend will be to do all the cuckold stuff such as preparation and cleanup and other such things. Through all of this the husband will not know what is happening, and in a way will also be a cuckold. Sometimes many women prefer this as they married be married to a man that will not accept serving as a cuckold husband.