Turning your Boyfriend into a Cuckold

Turning your Boyfriend into a Cuckold is no easy task and will take a lot of time and patience. In many cases it just cant be done. But in other relationships a boyfriend can be turned into a well trained submissive and obedient cuckold.

There are many benefits to turning your boyfriend or husband into a cuckold. The main one is it gives you the freedom to take on other lovers as often as you wish and do it openly and with the support of your boyfriend. Another is that obedience and submission are all part of a boyfriend being a cuckold. So there are many benefits to be gained from turning your boyfriend into a cuckold.

Keep in mind that a cuckold relationship is different from a swingers relationship. They are two different types of a relationship. In a cuckold relationship only one partner has other lovers.

Without you knowing, your boyfriend may already be thinking of being a cuckold for you. Its best to at least to try and find out if he even knows what a cuckold relationship is about. Who knows, he may even offer to be a cuckold.

Cuckolding involves a lot of humiliation and many men get sexual pleasure from being humiliated. Some men in secret want to be a submissive in the relationship. Other men get off on watching their girlfriend with another man.

Find a Cuckold Relationship

Try starting by telling your boyfriend or husband that one of the women at work is involved in a cuckold relationship. Make out how sexual and exciting such a relationship can be. Dont push it to start, just get things moving. Talk about it in bed when he is excited, thats the best place. Just build things slowly from there. Use some fantasy stuff first to get him use to the idea. Try some discipline as a fantasy in the bedroom to get him use to being a submissive. Later, the discipline can be more a part of the relationship. Get him in chastity too, but make out its a real turn on for you if he wears a chasity. Its all part of slowly training him into the cuckold lifestyle. If he is interested, he will soon be the one pusshing for a cuckold relationship.

Cuckold Submission