Cuckold Face Slapping

Many dominant women these days enjoy having a cuckold relationship. Sometimes as part of that cuckold relationship the women love to slap the face of the cuckold man. In many cases the cuckold man also enjoys having his faced slapped. It may be said that face slapping is very erotic for some cuckold couples.

If you are a cuckold you may wish to ask your partner if they would enjoy to slap your face. Some women may only slap the face of a cuckold from time to time. But other women enjoy slapping the face of the cuckold many times every day.

In many Female Dominated relationships, partnerings where the woman is the Dominant and the male is the Submissive, face slapping is often used. It is a very common practice in these types of relationships, one that is rarely questioned or analyzed by those within these types of relationships. But why does face slapping occur? What is the significance of this act in Female Led Relationship culture?

In any cuckold relationship, the power dynamic of the woman seizing control over the man is the most important aspect of the relationship. She must be in command at all times, and she must be able to physically and emotionally assert her dominance whenever necessary. Face slapping, along with other forms of corporal punishment, is at its most basic core a method of control. A quick slap to the face is painful, and it can quickly and easily put the cucklold male into his place. It also lingers, reminding the Sub of his inappropriate behavior.

But a slap to the face also holds a much more powerful weight than simple physical punishment. There is an emotional connotation to face slapping, one of humiliation and embarrassment, and this is more often why it is employed by Dominant females. In society at large, when a woman slaps a male it creates a scene and puts the man in his place in a way that women often physically cannot. The man leaves the situation extremely embarrassed and subdued. And even if he was not hurt as severely as if he received a punch from a heavyweight boxer, the man who was slapped is extremely aware of the shamefulness of his behavior that led to the slap in the first place. In a cuckold relationship, the Dominant woman will use the face slapping to shame and humiliate her Sub, and it is often accompanied with verbal taunting and emotional cues that dredge up these feelings.

Face slapping is also something that has been historically seen as a way to treat lesser individuals. It is something that slave owners would do to their slaves to humiliate them, and it was used by soldiers holding prisoners of war captive. This has translated into cuckold relationships as the woman is the superior, and she uses the face slap as a way to remind her Sub male that he is, indeed, her property. It is a symbol of her ownership over him, her dominance.

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As with most things in cuckolding, the outside cultural connotations play a big role in choice of actions in the relationships. Everything in a relationship is heightened. Taking an act like a face slap and using it as tool of control and humiliation is extremely effective because it not only induces the pain and embarrassment of the act itself, but it also dredges up the cultural ideals that are attached to the act itself. Face slapping is quite ubiquitous within cuckolding situations, and it will continue to be as it is a most effective tool in terms of showing dominance both physically, emotionally, and culturally.

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