Cuckold Feet Worship

Many women love the feeling of having their feet worshipped by a cuckold. The feet worship may include such things as feet massage, kissing or licking. A woman feels great having the cuckold adoring her feet. A cuckold also wants very much to worship the feet of women.

If you love to have your feet cared for by a cuckold then you need give him the correct training on what to do. If you are a cuckold that loves to worship feet then you should speak to your wife and let her know. If you are wanting to serve as a cuckold that can care for women's feet a good place to start is a cuckold dating website.

There are many ways that Submissive men can worship their Dominant female Mistresses. Some wear sissy costumes that put them in their place, others follow orders and accept punishment without question, and some Subs make sure they always physically please their Mistresses. But one of the more unique and pleasurable ways Subs can please their Mistress is through foot worship.

Foot worship involves the pleasuring of the Mistressís feet. The Cuckold will touch, smell, taste, lick, massage, and fondle the Domís feet so that she is the placed in a state of ecstasy that is erotically arousing and stimulating. The activity usually begins with the feet in sexy shoes and stockings. The Cuckold will comment on the attractiveness of the Dommeís feet, and he will smell and touch the feet. The shoes will showily and sensually be removed, and the stockings will soon follow with much touching and fondling along the way. Once the feet are fully exposed, the Cuckold will typically massage the soles of the feet with his hands and take the toes into his mouth. The entire time, the Cuckold is praising his Mistressís feet and giving her many compliments.

The foot worship can be strictly related to the feet, or the activity may lead to further sexual activity and favors. Dominant women may request this activity from their Subs as a form of foreplay, and many times it is also used as a method of controlling the sexual arousal of the Subs. The Dom may request this highly erotic behavior but then keep the Sub from achieving erection or orgasm.

Even when the Cuckold is kept from sexual satisfaction, foot worship is not just pleasurable to the Dom. Many Subs derive great pleasure from this activity as it gives them an avenue to truly please their Dominant partners. They know that she is fully satisfied and happy, and even if that comes at his expense, he will take great pride in knowing he can please his woman. This is one of the main reasons men enjoy the Submissive lifestyle, and many men find comfort in bringing this level of satisfaction to their female partners.

Many Subs also find pleasure in the practice of foot worship as it holds historical connotations of slaves kissing the feet of the kings and queens that they served. This puts them squarely in their place as the servant or the lesser partner, much as a Slave Collar might. Even Subs that do not enjoy the foot fetish still find pleasure in foot worship just because of this connotation and the reinforcement of their role in the relationship.

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Foot worship is a powerful activity that can be shared by Mistresses and their Slaves. She will find great comfort and pleasure in the foot worship, and the Sub will find great pleasure in pleasing his Domme. It can be a powerful way for these two partners to bond, and it is a popular form of Dom/Sub play in the BDSM community.

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