Cuckold Feminization

Sometimes in a Cuckold relationship the Cuckoldress may decide in feminization of her cuckold. This feminization may be in private or it may also be public. Sometimes it may just be once oe twice a week, but with others it be be a 24/7 feminization.

Feminization of the cuckold can take the form of being made into a sissy maid or a whore. It may be that when the cuckold does the house chores he will be required to dress as a sissy maid. Or he may need to dress up for when he services one of his wifes lovers.

Many times when a Dominant woman takes on a submissive man, particularly in long term domestic relationships and marriages, the woman will begin to feminize her male counterpart. She may have him do household chores, wear womenís clothing, or speak only in a high pitched voice. This can happen in many ways and in many different situations, but many submissive males living with Dominant females will be subjected to at least some level of feminization within the duration of their relationship. Why is this, and what exactly is the feminization of a submissive cuckold man?

The feminization of a submissive man entails taking away his distinctly male characteristics and replacing them with feminine ones. Exclusively male things such as facial hair, heavy menís clothing, and traditional roles of working outside the home in a labor intensive job are often stopped. Many men are also subdued with the use of devices that restrict erection. These cuckold men are then instead asked to wear frilly outfits, womenís underwear, and makeup, and they take on household chores and responsibilities.

The main purpose of the feminization of a cuckold is to swap the typical gender roles that have been present in modern society for thousands of years. Having the man lose his male characteristics takes away that dominant advantage that he has in terms of strength and status within society. When a man no longer has the things that make him a man, his tendency towards dominance and his expectations for dominance are subdued. It also helps the Dominant female to more fully be in control of the relationship in both a symbolic and physical manifestation, and it makes the chosen roles of the couple more clear.

Many times this feminization also occurs to humiliate the man as part of his submission training. Deep down he is ashamed of his urges to submit knowing that society expects him, as a man, to be the one in control of a relationship. Since he doesnít want this, he may feel there is something wrong with him, and he may be humiliated or embarrassed internally. Becoming feminized by his Dominant female partner allows him to outwardly feel and express this humiliation, and it can be a powerful emotional experience for him; one that allows him to fully settle and mature into his role as a cuckold partner in a relationship.

Feminization can also occur in this type of relationship as a form of punishment and obedience training. It can be a way of pushing the newly submissive manís buttons to see just how far he can go and what he is willing to do. This type of training also reinforces submissive behaviors and leads to greater levels of obedience within the relationship.

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Not all cuckold relationships will explore male feminization, but many do because it often betters the power dynamic and reinforces the chosen roles of the two adults in this type of arrangement. It allows both to settle in and feel fully comfortable as either the Dominant or the submissive, and for the woman in particular, it allows her to take on her role without any dominant pressure from her male cuckold.

Male feminization is a very positive thing to occur in the cuckold world, and it is something that is desired by both parties due to the positive outcomes of better bonding, better obedience, and better overall relationships that it can provide to this type of couple.

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