Cuckold Jealousy

A wife may find Cuckold Jealousy to be a positive or a negative thing in the cuckold marriage. It really depends on the situation. Some wives get really excited to know their cuckold husband is jealous. Some will use it to their advantage or as a way of fully humiliating the cuckold husband. The lovers of the Wife can also sometimes enjoy a cuckold husband getting jealous.

But jealousy can sometimes cause a problem in the cuckold marriage. If the jealousy is only a little then it usually is of no problem. But in some cases a cuckold husband can become very jealous in relation to a certain lover of the wife. And this can lead to major problems sometimes. A lot will depend on how the wife feels about this. In some cases it really turns the wife on and she will play it for all its worth. But in other cases if it becomes a very serious problem, the wife might make a decision to stop contact with a certain lover. It really is a matter for the wife to decide.

When a couple decides to allow cuckolding, or the practice of allowing the Dominant partner have as many additional sexual partners as she desires, it is typically to help improve the relationship overall. Cuckolding allows the Dominant partner to explore their sexual needs and desires more fully while at the same time allowing the Submissive partner the pleasure of knowing their Wife is being satisfied. But cuckolding is not a perfect arrangement, and many times it can lead to feelings of jealousy for the Submissive partner. These jealous emotions can then lead to resentment and unhappiness which can derail the relationship and negate the benefits of the arrangement. So how can a couple that practices cuckolding keep the jealousy at bay so that this BDSM activity can lead to greater happiness and satisfaction in the relationship.

The first thing that a cuckolding couple needs to do to reduce jealousy is to communicate. The couple needs to talk about the purpose of the cuckolding, the benefits they hope to gain from it, and any limits or boundaries that they would like to place on the activity. The Dominant partner should also be sure to communicate with the Submissive who and when she will be with another partner and why they want to be with this other partner. If the cuckolded partner understands what it is that the Dominant partner is getting out of the affair, particularly if itís something they themselves cannot provide, it helps to alleviate and stress or feelings of tension that they might be harboring.

Another thing a cuckold couple can do to reduce jealousy is have the Dominant keep the affairs strictly sexual. When the extra partners in the relationship are simply lovers, there only for physical pleasure, itís easier for the Submissive partner to understand and accept. When emotional Ďcheatingí occurs, however, that is when the feelings of jealousy really start to become forceful. The Dominant partner needs to understand this, and they need to make a concerted effort to not become emotionally attached to their lovers, particularly if they are allowing the cuckold partner in on the play sessions.

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Finally, jealousy in a cuckolding partnership can be greatly reduced if the Submissive partner is allowed in on the details of the affairs. This may seem counterintuitive, but if the Sub is permitted to watch and be a part of the affair (at least on the fringes, not actually taking part), then he can see what his Wife is getting out of the affair. Many times, the mind runs wild with crazy scenarios, things that are much conflated. The Sub will create scenarios of these affairs that are completely out of control and are far from the reality of the actual activities that are taking place. If the Dominant partner allows the Sub to be an active part of her affairs, then it will help them to understand what is really going on and accept the arrangement.

Open communication, keeping things strictly sexual, and allowing the Sub in on the affairs can all greatly reduce jealousy. And when jealousy is suppressed in a cuckold relationship, it can lead to much greater satisfaction levels and happiness for both partners. Itís a great way for Dom/Sub couples to connect and help one another find fulfillment, and when done correctly, is a great part of the BDSM culture.

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