Cuckold Jealousy

A wife may find Cuckold Jealousy to be a positive or a negative thing in the cuckold marriage. It really depends on the situation. Some wives get really excited to know their cuckold husband is jealous. Some will use it to their advantage or as a way of fully humiliating the cuckold husband. The wifes lovers can also sometimes enjoy a cuckold husband getting jealous.

But jealousy can sometimes cause a problem in the cuckold marriage. If the jealousy is only a little then it usually is of no problem. But in some cases a cuckold husband can become very jealous in relation to a certain lover of the wife. And this can lead to major problems sometimes. A lot will depend on how the wife feels about this. In some cases it really turns the wife on and she will play it for all its worth. But in other cases if it becomes a very serious problem, the wife might make a decision to stop contact with a certain lover. It really is a matter for the wife to decide.

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