When in a Cuckold relationship one of the issues that is of major importance is the obedience of the cuckold. Anything less then perfect obedience from the cuckold can become a problem, especially if allowed to continue.

One of the problems when a cuckold is failing the obedience test is that the femdom is sometimes too fast to discipline the cuckold. Try and find out why the cuckold is having a problem with obedience. Usually its just their way of showing you they are unhappy about something. As always a bit of a talk can often get to the bottom of the problem and sort it out.

If not, then sometimes you need look at giving strict discipline to the cuckold. This can take many forms. Usually obedience levels in a cuckold will vary, some months better then others. Be patient with your cuckold, obedience training takes time. Praise your cuckold for good obedience.

Most people, even some within the BDSM community, have the outdated notion that cuckolds are just naturally submissive all of the time, and if you put them in a relationship, they’ll be perfectly happy and perfectly suited right off from the start. And while it’s true that their personalities and tendencies may make them yearn for this type of relationship, most cuckolds are not perfect servants right off. They need to be trained to become obedient, to follow orders, and to be able to please their Wife in the way that is required. Obedience training is nearly always required, even when experienced cuckolds find a new Dominant partner, and it is in this training that the true loving bond begins to form between the couple. Obedience training also helps the cuckold to feel comfortable and secure in their new role, and it gives a direction and structure to their lives that they so dearly crave.

So what’s involved in cuckold obedience training? Every Dominant Wife will tell you something different, some technique or combination of practices that they use that works wonders for them. But in general, obedience training requires asking the cuckold to complete very specific tasks, then either rewarding them for a job well done or punishing them for a substandard level of service. These tasks can be as simple as making the Wife coffee in the morning to much more difficult tasks that involve many, many steps. The first iteration of cuckold training typically involves these very basic, very banal tasks that are designed to simply improve listening and communication, but quickly, the obedience training can move into something much more complex and exciting.

Once the cuckold has mastered basic tasks, the Wife will typically have the cuckold learn to complete sexually erotic or stimulating tasks, ones where only the Wife is allowed to be aroused and pleased. The cuckold will typically be kept in a non-aroused, non-orgasmic state so that they can learn to focus their reactions, desires, and emotions entirely on the needs of the Wife. If they do become aroused, orgasm, or become distracted with their own sexual needs, they are often disciplined and reassigned the task until they can please their Wife completely without their own sexual needs interfering.

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Even when a couple has been together for a long time, obedience training may be required to maintain the power shift in the relationship. A cuckold is only truly happy when he is in their place, and consistent implementation of obedience training is one way to do this. It helps to maintain a happy, healthy relationship, and it can reinforce the chosen roles of each partner so that they may thrive.

Every couple has to work to make sure their relationship stays strong. Obedience training is one of the most powerful ways to do this as it puts each partner in their rightful role, and it reinforces the power dynamics of the relationship. It is a pleasurable experience for each partner, and a vital part of this type of coupling. A happy cuckold is an obedient husband, and through proper training, he will thrive.

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