Cuckold Sissy Maid

Cuckold Sissy Maid training is often a very important part of such a relationship. Not all cuckolds are trained to serve as a sissy maid, but many are.

The wife will generally decide if she wants the cuckold to be a sissy maid. But if its something the cuckold wants then he should talk about it to his wife. Either way, the cuckold will be responsible for the house chores.

Often the cuckold husband will be required to dress in a sissy maid outfit and do the house chores. The cuckold sissy maid husband may also be required to serve dinner and drinks to the wife and her lovers. The cuckold may also be required to put on a sissy maid show for the amusement of the wife and bulls.

Sissy Maid Training is a method used by many Dominant women to control, manipulate, and train their cuckold male partners so that they can become better servants and Slaves. The training involves the man losing those things most associated with his masculine superiority so that he can begin to realize his rightful place beneath his Wife. The training process typically involves humiliation, submission, and punishment, all dictated to transform the cuckold into the perfect servant. And while it is a deeply satisfying and pleasurable experience for the cuckold, it is a difficult process that pushes many men to the very limits of their emotional and sexual beings.

The first and most visible aspect of Sissy Maid Training is of course the attire. Sissy Maids are forced to wear outfits that are frilly and feminine in an almost comical way. French maid costumes, frilly socks with mary jane shoes, and super­feminine panties. Many times tight corsets, tights, high heels or other clothing items that are uncomfortable to wear are required as well.

Sissy Maid Training also requires the men to wear sexual devices such as chastity belts and butt plugs that restrict their dominant sexual urges and desires while reinforcing their new tendencies towards submission. Sissies are often humiliated with these devices and others such as dildos that the Dommes will use to penetrate the men with as a show of dominance and power. This humiliation and submission serves to put the cuckold in their place, prepare them for future sexual encounters in the Power Exchange relationship, and as a means of control. These sexual stimulating factors are very powerfully emotionally, and they can cause many men to instantly submit and ease into their new lifestyles of constant submission.

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Another aspect of Sissy Maid Training is the actual maid training. These men, in addition to the humiliation and sexual aspects of the situation, are expected to be top­notch servants, taking care of any and all household chores as demanded by their wife. Usually she will make lists of tasks that need to be completed, and she will show the Sissies exactly how she wants things done. If the man does not comply or does a poor job, he will be given punishment in the form of corporal pain, further humiliation, or denial of sexual pleasure. Punishments can be quite cruel depending on the wife, and most men will do anything to avoid punishment after the first session is administered. If the Sissy completes the task to perfection or goes above expectations, he may be rewarded with attention, privileges, or sexual pleasure.

The entire Sissy Maid training process is designed to turn cuckold men into the perfect servants for their Dominant female partners. It strips them of their masculine power, restructures their sexual tendencies and desires, and humiliates them in a way that leads to better obedience and better submission. It is also, on some level, pleasurable as well, which is why so many men run to Mistresses for their Sissy Maid Training services. Whether for a simple play session or a lifetime commitment, Sissy Maid Training can transform and fulfill naturally submissive men in a way that no other activity can, and that is why it continues to be such a popular activity within the cuckold community.

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