Cuckold Tattoo

Getting a Cuckold Tattoo is a good idea in a cuckold marriage. The hot wife might want to the cuckold to get a tattoo to clearly show others that he is owned. She may also want to show everyone that he is a cuckold. What the tattoo says and where it is placed needs to be talked about first. But do not rush in to get the tattoo, take your time.

A tattoo may simply say some thing, Cuckold. It it may say, Cuckold Husband. In fact the cuckold may even get more then one tattoo. Having the cuckold tattoo in a place where others can see it is a good idea.

Many times in Dominant and cuckold relationships, there is some sort of marking of ownership. The most iconic and most common is the cuckold collar, a physical band worn around the neck either full-time or part-time to denote the role of the cuckold as the property of the Mistress. But cuckold collars are not always practical, particularly for cuckold relationships that require discretion and are not completely private. For these couples, cuckold tattoos can be an excellent way to mark ownership without a physical token being present, and they have become increasingly popular in the community over the last few years.

Why is it so important that cuckolds mark ownership? Well many times, it helps to reinforce the chosen roles in the relationship. It gives an outward expression of the commitment made between the two partners, much like wedding bands would for a traditional vanilla couple. But this type of marking is only administered to the cuckold because they are considered the property and they are not equal partners in the coupling. Markings are also important as they can signal to other cuckold community members the roles the couple has chosen, and this can make interacting within the community more comfortable and seamless. It is also a symbol of honor and of service, something that marks the cuckold as a competent and worthy servant that has pleased their wife to the point of being awarded this marking.

Cuckold tattooing is becoming popular because while the collar holds a very powerful imagery aspect, literally depicting ownership of the person in the way an animal would be owned by a Master, collars are not always practical. They can chafe, cause discomfort, and even choke the cuckold. They also canít be worn out in public if the cuckold needs to attend work, run errands, or visit family members that are not aware of their lifestyle choices.

But a cuckold tattoo can be worn anywhere. It can either be designed in a way that is significant to the couple but is meaningless to anyone on the outside, or it can be placed in an area that can always be covered by the cuckold when out in the public. The tattoo has the added bonus of being completely permanent. Even the strongest cuckold collars can be removed with wire cutters or other methods, but a tattoo is a permanent marking. This makes it an even greater honor, one that can be even more powerful and lasting than a collar might be. Cuckold tattoos can even be used in addition to a collar as just another layer of commitment taken on by the cuckold to show their devotion to the relationship.

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Tattoos not only mark the cuckold as the property of the wife, they serve as a visual reminder of the chosen lifestyle of the partners involved. It can be a powerful way to reinforce roles in the relationship and to make sure that the cuckold remains faithful. Plus, it can offer the discretion that other means of marking ownership just cannot. And in todayís world of cuckolding where people live very public, very social lives, a tattoo can allow the partners to show their commitment without having to reveal what lifestyle choices they have made.

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