Getting Your Wife To Cuckold You

Sometimes a husband wants to serve as a cuckold but the wife is not interested in cuckolding him. This can be very upsetting for the husband that is keen to be a cuckold for his wife. Getting an unwilling wife to cuckold you will take time, so be patient. You need to start dropping the idea in small bits first.

You need to at least get her thinking about it, but do not push the subject. She will come around to cuckolding you in her own way and time. If you have a very good looking mate that is a stud, you might want to introduce him to your wife. The thing is, once she enjoys going to bed with hot young lovers she will soon start cuckolding you.

Most men in modern society canít bear the idea of their wives cheating on them with another man. They canít imagine her with anyone else, and they certainly wouldnít want to know details about her affairs, let alone watch. But in the BDSM community, there are men-- cuckold husbands, that not only allow their wives to have affairs, but also are there to watch and experience those affairs. For average guy, this might be unfathomable, but for the cuckold husband, this is the ideal way to live.

Cuckold Husband with Dominant Wife

There are many and varied reasons as to why some men enjoy this type of relationship. But the most basic reason stems from the fact that these Submissive men want their wives to be fully satisfied sexually, even if that means she has to take on other lovers. These men are true pleasers. Their main source of pride and joy is keeping their wives happy, and this is a way to do that. In addition, being a cuckold husband allows his wife the freedom to do with her body as she sees fit. He is granting her this freedom to go out and express herself sexually, and this gives him pleasure knowing that she is a powerful, independent woman. These types of men are drawn to truly powerful women, and it makes her even more attractive to him when she goes out and takes what she wants.

Some cuckold men also desire this type of relationship because they themselves feel sexually inadequate. Try as they might to please their wives, they are always worried that it is not enough. By watching their wives get pleasured by other men, cuckold husbands can be sure that they are satisfying their wives fully, and they get the chance to live vicariously through these other men. They get to experience what itís like to bring a woman to climax in ways they never imagined, and they can even learn new techniques and ways to please their own wives from these other men.

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Of course some cuckold men also enjoy the humiliation and embarrassment aspect of cuckolding. Knowing that their wives have to go outside the marriage to find true sexual stimulation and satisfaction puts them in their place. And watching the parade of other men that get to be with their wife, many of whom do a better job of getting her excited than they ever could, helps to fulfill an emotional void. Each affair is painful to the husband to watch, knowing that he is not enough, but these emotions are powerful and vibrant for him in a way that many other things are not. And it can be truly cathartic for him to experience these powerful emotions.

Cuckold men deeply respect the women in their lives, and they want to give them all the pleasures they could possibly want, even if it causes them pain or humiliation. But by allowing their wives to have affairs with other men, they can be sure that she is 100% satisfied sexually. That is what these men truly desire, and they can later reap the benefits of having a happy wife.

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