Cuckold Relationship Problems

Cuckold relationships are just the same as any other relationship, they both have their ups and downs. But problems in a cuckold relationship can sometimes in fact be much easier to fix.

Mostly, when a couple involved in a cuckold relationship are experiencing problems, you will find that sitting down and having a very open talk will easily fix most problems. Communication is important in all relationships, but especially in a cuckold relationship.

Maybe the Femdom is not getting all Her needs met, maybe She feels the cuckold is not performing up to expectations. If your the cuckold you need to evaluate your servitude. Is it as good as it good be. Is your level of dedication to the cuckold lifestyle what it should be. Can you improve your performance as a cuckold. Ask your self these questions and give yourself an honest answer.

As a Femdom in a relationship, if your cuckold seems unhappy, you must talk to him and find out why. Remember, a cuckold relationship is still both ways. Both must be happy. Cuckolds need attention too and sometimes the Femdom in the relationship forgets that. Maybe sometimes the cuckold needs more active involvement in what is happebing or sometimes the cuckold just needs more strict discipline. The main thing is that in any problem in a cuckold relationship, it just requires good communication.

Every relationship encounters a period of rough waters, and cuckold relationships, where one Dominant partner takes on multiple lovers outside of the relationship as they see fit, often with the knowledge and participation of the Submissive partner, are no exception. Cuckold relationships can bring up feelings of resentment, jealousy and loneliness in either partner, feelings that can lead to serious issues within the relationship. But dealing with problems in this type of unique relationship can be difficult as there is often a power exchange dynamic that adds to the complexity of the issue. So how do partners in a cuckold relationship deal with their problems as a couple?

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Because of the power dynamic in this type of relationship, dealing with problems can be tricky. Many times, Dominant partners feel they should be able to do as they please with no regard to their Submissive partner whatsoever. And while this is true that they are in control, they must use their power judiciously to keep the peace when issues arise. Dominant partners should be completely in tune with the desires and needs of their Submissive partners, and they should make adjustments to the relationship when they notice an issue occurring. Something as simple as talking to the Sub and asking whatís bothering them can make all the difference in the world, and it can help to stop a minor issue of hurt feelings from becoming a relationship ending drama.

The best way to deal with issues, however, is to address expectations and concerns before they ever arise. Itís natural for a Sub to feel jealous or resentful of cuckolding partners their Dominant partner takes on. But if the couple sits down and talks about the cuckolding aspect of the relationship and why itís necessary, what purpose it serves, what he role of the outside partners is to the coupleís own relationship, then the Sub will know what to expect and will be better able to deal with any negative emotions they might be feeling. Itís also important then that the Dominant partner keeps their cuckolding partners in line with what is discussed with the Sub as not to unnecessarily upset them.

If the Submissive partner still finds they feel uncomfortable, it might help for them to talk with other Submissives in similar relationships. The couple can meet up with other cuckolding partners to share their thoughts, feelings and ways of dealing with relationship issues. Just knowing that someone else out there is going through the same things and feeling the same emotions can be enough to help the person get through the tough time and move forward with their relationship.

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But if it comes to the point that one of the partners, Dominant or Submissive, canít reconcile their negative feelings about the cuckolding aspect of the relationship, it is important that they come forward and speak up. There should always be protocols in place in a relationship so that the Sub can indeed have some measure of control, and they should speak their mind and heart if the cuckolding is too much for them to handle.

Cuckolding relationships do stir up more negative emotions than other types of relationships, and they are prone to relationship problems. But just like any other relationship problem, if the couple is willing to work together and communicate and be honest with their expectations, they can work it out and enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying life together.

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