Public or Private Cuckolding

One of the questions confronting a couple involved in a cuckold relationship will be if their Cuckolding is public knowledge or kept more private. Many people involved in a cuckold relationship will choose to keep the cuckolding mostly private or among a few friends. There are some obvious reasons for this. Most of the reasons revolve around others who would not understand such a relationship. It may also cause problems at work or around family.

Some couples do tend to be much more open about their cuckold relationship. Both the Femdom and the cuck can gain great pleasure from this. Although it may be difficult at first, others soon accept it. It is really just a matter of what gives you the greatest pleasure and happiness.

If you do choose to be very public about your cuckolding it will open up a whole new world and level of what beng a cuckold means.

Cuckold Personals

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