Submissive Cuckold Boyfriend

When a woman has a Submissive Cuckold Boyfriend she will feel very happy in the relationship. Not only can she openly have the fun of other lovers, but she will also have a very obedient and submissive boyfriend. In this type of relationship both are very lucky indeed. Many couples can only hope to have such a relationship.

Many women will hope to have a submissive boyfriend, but to also have a cuckold on top of that is an added bonus. But dont keep it a secret, make sure all his friends know he is obedient submissive cuckold boyfriend. After all, whats the point of having a cuckold if no-one knows.

Some women are happy being monogamous. They are fulfilled emotionally and physically, and they donít need anyone other than their boyfriend. But other women struggle with being tied to one person, particularly when it comes to the physical side of the relationship. They simply have a greater desire and a need for more diversity in the bedroom and yet, they donít want to cheat. So what can these women do?

Women that want to have multiple partners with the knowledge and consent of their boyfriends can engage in a cuckolding relationship. This type of arrangement allows the woman to have as many partners as she desires, and the man consents because he knows this will make her happy and will strengthen their relationship. But how do you get your boyfriend to consent to this type of relationship if heís never had experience before?

The first thing a woman wanting a cuckolding relationship must do is present her need for greater fulfillment to her boyfriend. But it must be done sensitively so as not to offend him personally. She needs to talk to him about her desire for him and how she loves him passionately, but she still needs more to truly be happy. Talk about how devoted you are to him and how you donít want to go behind his back, but that you canít be happy with only one partner. Be sure to emphasis that this is not due to HIS lack of sexual prowess, just that your appetite is too great.

Once youíve explained your needs, you can slowly introduce the idea of cuckolding. But be the one to introduce him, as a simple search will show him extreme cuckolding in the BDSM world, and heís most likely not going to be ready for that (unless heís experienced in the BDSM world). Explain to him that youíd like to take on another lover, with his consent, even though you want him to be your boyfriend. Be sure to explain how this is important to your happiness, how allowing another lover is going to make you a much better girlfriend yourself. And let him know that this will strengthen your relationship and how this first act of cuckolding will be the ultimate gift that will benefit your partnership.

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After youíve gotten him to agree to the idea of having another lover, then you can slowly introduce other cuckolding ideas. You can start to suggest the idea of multiple lovers. You can ask him if heíd like to watch when the other man comes over. Over time, you can help him to realize that a cuckolding relationship is whatís truly best for your relationship, and he will see how much closer it brings you together and will want to please you even more.

Unless heís already fully immersed in BDSM, youíve got to take it slow or else he will run. But if you introduce the idea of cuckolding slowly and emphasize how important it is to your happiness and your relationship, you will be able to have the lovers you need but keep the man that you want.

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