Watching Another Man With Your Wife

These days there are a lot of cuckold marriages. And most of those cuckold husbands love to watch their wife having sex with other men. Sometimes the cuckold will be in the same room watching over men get it off with the wife. But at other times they may be looking through a hole in the wall or on a cam.

Sometimes the cuckold husband will masterbate will other men make love to the wife. At other times the cuckold husband will be kept in chastity. If other men are not already getting it off with your wife then now is the time to start.

There are many ways that couples interact with one another sexually, but they are all based upon the hierarchy of power within the relationship. The wife is always in control and is always getting her needs taken care of first. Even if she allows the cuckold to take control temporarily, it is by her choice and her order that this occurs. If she orders him to wear a chastity belt and deny his urges, it is her choice to do so. But this suits the cuckold just fine, and he thrives under these conditions as itís in his nature to be ordered about, and he often experiences great emotional and psychological benefits from these types of situations.

One of the more extreme examples of this is what a Wife engages in sexual activity with another man and the cuckold is allowed to watch. To some this may seem torturous or perverse, but for the cuckold, it is actually a pleasurable experience.

The main reason for this is that he knows that this activity will please his wife on a sexual level that he himself cannot provide to her as a cuckold. He actually takes pleasure in seeing her write and moan in joy from the intensity of the relationship, and the happier she is, the happier he is. A cuckold is self≠sacrificing above all else, and even though some jealousy or ill≠will might spring up, he knows that ultimately this is what the wife wants, and so he wants it for her.

Also, when a cuckold watches his wife with another man, he is able to live vicariously thorough this other man, particularly if he is her equal. He gets aroused and excited watching what other men are capable of in bed, and he can dream of what that type of sexual encounter might feel like. Even though being a womanís equal is not his chosen role, it can still provide a level of excitement that canít be experienced any other way.

Finally, this type of situation brings about intense emotions of shame, guilt, and humiliation, which may seem like bad things, but to the cuckold they are cathartic and healing. Many times the emotions that arise from watching his wife with another man reaffirm the shame and guilt that he already feels inside himself, and it simply allows those emotions an outlet. It reminds him why he is a cuckold in the first place, why he isnít worthy or capable of more, and it helps him to settle into his place at the bottom of the ladder.

As with anything in cuckolding, there are complex emotional ties to this type of activity. The emotions brought out by a wife sleeping with another man while the cuckold watches are strong but positive, and they can actually bring the couple closer together as they each continue to thrive in their chosen roles in the hierarchy. It is not an activity for every couple, but it is one that many couples enjoy, and one that can benefit their overall relationship.

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