What Turns a Cuckold On

There are usually many different things that will turn a cuckold on. It must be remembered that each cuckold is different. So what turns one cuckold on is different to another cuckold. The best way to find out what turns a cuckold on is through trial and error. Lets face it, it will be very obvious what is turning him on.

Some cuckolds are more turned on by the thought of something then it actually happening. This is where cuckold fantasy comes into play. Other cuckolds may be turned on by just having the wife tell him what happened, but not by being actually involved. Yet other cuckolds need to be actually involved to get turned on. Some get turned on by watching their wife make love to another man. Some cuckolds get turned on by doing cleanup.

A man in a cuckolding relationship is one that allows his wife to have as many other sexual partners as she desires, and often times, these sexual encounters happen with him present, not as a third party involved in the sex, but purely as an observer. At the same time, they may also be denied sexual contact with their partners or even may be undergoing training in which they are denied orgasm or erection. Yet still they find cuckolding pleasurable. In fact, many of these men get immense pleasure and gratification out of watching their female partners with other men, even when they are not receiving gratification in return, and they truly get turned on by this arrangement. But why? What is it about being cuckolded that turns on these Submissive men?

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For one thing, being cuckolded by a Dominant wife is the ultimate act of Submission. The man is being so submissive that he is giving up his personal claim on his wife and allowing her to do completely as she pleases. This gives her the chance to fulfill any of her needs and desires, and the Submissive man can feel comfortable and confident that his wife is 100% satisfied, which gives him immense pleasure. The cuckolded man is giving his wife true happiness, freedom and expression, and seeing her that happy makes him happy and turns him on even further.

Cuckolded men are also turned on by the vicarious nature of this arrangement. Many times they may feel inadequate (or may be denied orgasm or erection as part of their Submissive training), and being able to watch their wives with another man gives them the chance to imagine themselves in that same position. They admire the virility of these men and their ability to please their wives. The cuckolded men watch in awe as these men do what they do not have the confidence to do, especially if the partner of choice is not himself Submissive. Being a part of these encounters allows these men to spend a day in the shoes of a more powerful, dominant man, and that can be exciting.

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One other way cuckolding gives men pleasure is almost the exact opposite of the previous reason. Some men find that watching their wives with other stronger, more sexual men is completely humiliating. It makes them embarrassed, and they feel as if they are nothing. But deep down, these men have had these feelings for years. Cuckolding allows them to bring these feelings to the surface and experience them in a way that they never have been able to in the past. It may be painful; it may be humiliating; but it is cathartic and freeing to be able to express these emotions at last.

Cuckolding is a uniquely BDSM activity, and itís not one that every Submissive man will enjoy. But for those that are involved in cuckolding, it is a truly pleasurable experience that is the ultimate in freedom of sexual expression.

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