Wife Urging To Cuckold Me

So your wife is urging you to become a Cuckold. This can come as a big surprise to many men and they will all react in a different way. A lot depends on the way that the wife is urging you to become a cuckold.

If the urging from the wife for you to become a cuckold is done in the right way, it will make things easier for you to make the transition to becoming a cuckold. Lets face it, if your here reading this it means that somewhere inside you that you have already decided to become the cuckold that your wife wants. This is a good move on your part. Remember, be thankfull your wife has been upfront and honest about this to you. And be thankfull that she wants you to become a cuckold husband. It shows she wants to be married to you.

Find a Cuckold Relationship

If your wife is urging you to become a cuckold then stop the resistence. The faster you accept the situation the faster your cuckold training can begin. Why me you may ask. Well, the answer is right in front of you. Its because thats what your wife wants. So the faster you start learning to be a cuckold the better. Dont resist. Show you are keen to be the best cuckold husband you can be.

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